About Us

The (not so) random musings of 2 friends navigating life, dating & being our best selves. A REAL conversation that you can listen in on…

Join natural born comedians, A Dot Renee & B.Good, as we dodge life’s bullets and solve the world’s problems convo by convo.

We’ll cover topics from dating 3.0 to entrepreneurship, travel, pop culture, music, movies, self-development, and more. Whatever is going on in our lives…we bring here to entertain you. And who knows? You just might learn something.

This is An A&B Conversation…See your way into it!

A Dot Reneé:

I am a lover and champion of the truth. I believe it shall set us ALL free.  Don’t lie to yourself, and don’t lie to me!



Have you ever had something that you just couldn’t explain?  That takes your mind and twists it all around.  Where all you can think about was this one thing.  Well this is her, and B.Good is her name.